Emanuel Cahana


1929 - 2013


Emanuel Cahana (1929–2013) was one of Israel’s pioneering graphic designers. His oeuvre evolved over the course of six decades, from the late 1950s to the early 2000s. As his creative endeavors developed in conjunction with the growth of the state of Israel and the changes that occurred in the country from one decade to the next, he made innovative, cutting-edge contributions to the local language of graphic design.

Cahana’s extensive body of works left its mark on almost every chapter in the history of graphic design in Israel: he designed movie posters, advertisements
for a range of products, logos for numerous companies, and more.

He also worked as an art director, exhibition designer, and design consultant for corporations, and many of the designers active today either studied with him or worked alongside him. His talent was given expression through his engagement in numerous crafts and artistic mediums: painting, drafting,
drawing, sculpture, carpentry, origami, and the construction of furniture, models, and toys. For Emanuel Cahana, creativity was synonymous with breathing.

In the early 2000s, Cahana closed his veteran studio. Following his death, a new and fascinating chapter began – that of studying the archive he left
behind, a process that took four years and involved the exciting discovery of the treasures it contained. The work involved cataloging, photographing and
scanning the materials, alongside research that sheds new light on his oeuvre.

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